Vereign is live

Vereign is now live :rocket:

After working tirelessly on our product we are happy to announce that Vereign is now live!
Below you can read some practical advice on how to use our product and a description of its new features.


Supported software

How to add Vereign to your e-mail software

Google Chrome

Microsoft Outlook

How to setup a Vereign organization

New Features in our first public release


  • Introduced V-card view on Profile page - its innovative approach which will be used upon signing your emails and documents.
  • Ability to create companies in the Vereign dashboard.
  • Ability to configure employee creation form.
  • Ability to manage profile templates.
  • Ability to manage employee account.
  • Ability to manage groups.
  • Ability to register as an Employee.
  • Ability to add Shared Identities.
  • Add Employees to Shared identities.
  • Ability to assign profile templates to groups.
  • Ability to view number of created employees and company contacts.
  • Ability to review and download invoices.
  • Invoice statuses.
  • Grouping invoices per month.
  • Ability to verify email messages and signing certificates.
  • Ability to send signed system emails (no-reply emails).

Chrome extension

  • Completely new design.
  • Ability to insert V-card in the email body and sign it.
  • Ability to check email validity.

Outlook add-in

  • Ability to sign an email with selected profile.
  • Ability to insert V-card in the email body.
  • Ability to check email statuses.
  • Ability to check the email validity.
  • Ability create an account from the side pane.
  • Ability to check the email validity.
  • Set default profile for email signing.