How to add the Vereign Outlook Add-in to Web Outlook?

Initially, our Vereign Outlook Add-in supports the Microsoft Outlook 365 web and the Microsoft Outlook 365 on-premise client installations (hereinafter “Web Outlook”). Other versions are being added continuously.

Installing the Vereing Outlook Add-in is very similar to adding any other Outlook plugin (see Microsoft’s applicable support pages here).

Step-by-step Vereign Outlook add-in installation

  1. Check if your version of Outlook is supported by our add-in. If the answer is positive you can proceed.

  2. Login to Vereing Dashboard and navigate to the “Plugins” section.

  1. Select “Open link” and the following file will be displayed on a separate tab in your browser.

  2. Copy the url link (

  3. Go to your Web Outlook and select any message in your Inbox. If there is no message in your Inbox click “new message”.

  4. Select “Get Add-ins”.

  5. Go to “My add-ins” -> “Add a custom add-in” -> “Add from URL”.

  6. Paste the url from Step 3 in the pop-up window (

  7. Confirm the installation. Vereign does not share your data with third parties without your explicit consent. Please refer to our privacy policy here.

  8. After the installation is completed, check if the Vereign Outlook Add-in has been installed.

Start composing new messages and select the 3 dots menu.