What is a Profile?


Just like in the online world a person can have many accounts for work and personal reasons, within Vereign, the idea of all these different accounts is represented by the term profile. Similar to the different accounts, a user can have different profiles for various occasions. For example, Friends, Work, Government, Banking, etc. By choosing a profile, a user selects a specific window into their identity, rights and keys to use.

The profile represents a connection endpoint for the users, known as entities, to interact and exchange information within the system. Another word which can be used to describe the notion of a profile is identity. As one entity can have many identities, it can also have many profiles.

A single profile contains a specific list of claims that an entity has created. Only an entity of a type of person, asset or organisation can extend itself and have a profile. Furthermore it can be extended with the ability to have documents and emails attached to it.

To learn how to use your passports, refer to How Do I Manage My Profiles.

How do I manage my Profiles?