How do I use my Inbox?

  1. To access your Vereign Inbox, you have to login to the Vereign system as described here.

    After doing so you are redirected to the Vereign Inbox page.

    Note: To be able to see your emails in the Vereign Inbox, you need to install a Vereign plugin. This way, when an email passes through the Vereign system it keeps a copy of it and you can see it in your Inbox. If you want to add Vereign’s capabilities to your Gmail account, install our Google Chrome extension.

  2. To become familiar with the components describing an interaction in your Inbox, use the table below.

    Component Description
    Interaction Type A small icon showing the interaction type. Currently it could be email or document.
    Subject The subject of the interaction.
    Contacts The parties involved in the interaction. Usually, those are the sender and the recipient. All recipients that are involved in the interaction are visible with their initial.
    Date The date and time in which the interaction happened.
    Profile Since you can use different profiles, this column shows which one is used to send the interaction.
  3. To see more details on a specific interaction just click on it and you are presented with different views in which you can see it’s full history, activity log and participants.

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