How do I use my Inbox?

  1. To access your Vereign Inbox, you have to log in to the Vereign email system.
    a) Navigate to the Vereign app URL
    b) Log in to the system in either way:
    ◦ Click Login and scan the QR code with a new device, or
    ◦ If you have previously logged in to your email, click on your profile icon.
    Note: You can see all the user profiles you have previously used to log in to Vereign email.

    As a result, you are redirected to the Vereign Inbox page.

    Note: To be able to see your emails in the Vereign Inbox, you need to install a Vereign plugin. This way, when an email passes through the Vereign system, Vereign keeps a copy of it and you can see it in the Vereign Inbox. To add Vereign to your Gmail or Roundcube account, install Vereign Google Chrome plugin or Vereign Roundcube plugin respectfully.

  2. To become familiar with the components describing an email from the Inbox, use the table below.

    Component Description
    Subject The subject of the email.
    Interaction Type The type of the email. Currently, only the email type is supported.
    Passport Since you can use different passports, this column shows the passport used to send the email.
    Contacts The parties involved in the email interaction. Usually, those are the sender and the recipient. All recipients that are involved in the interaction are visible with their initial.
  3. To see more details on a specific interaction, click the email or the three dots (…).
    The Owners pane shows the passport used for this interaction and the Recent Activity pane reveals an existing conversation thread.