Welcome to the Vereign Community


Vereign is about Self-Sovereign Identity, Authenticity & Privacy for 4 billion people.

Vereign is a company based in the Swiss Crypto Valley. We develop Open Source solutions based on Open Hardware that enable democratically governed, user-controlled services for the internet. Core is our identity service layer which can seamlessly be added to any existing service or application.

We initially apply this layer to worlds largest communication network: Email. Used by 3.7 billion people daily, it is the only communication protocol not dominated by a single vendor or technology, and central to the daily lives and business of virtually anyone on the internet. Adding seamless privacy, authenticity and identity to this network will immediate allow billions of people to benefit from our solution.

In future, the same technology and service can be used for many other applications.

Vereign is for you

Vereign is for everyone, and has been designed for humans. We want to make blockchain, cryptography, zero knowledge proof and other advances in Information Technology available to everyone. Our goal is for Vereign to be seamless, elegant and fun.

Vereign is for developers

As a company from the Open Source Community, everything we do is Open Source. We want our technology to be open, auditable and accountable.

About this forum

This forum is a place for the community and all Vereigners to come together and discuss user questions, technical ideas, and further development of the application. If it is a conversation you are looking for, this is the right place.

For source code, tickets and all the other things that make software developers tick, please head over to https://code.vereign.com.