Vereign Release Notes v1.3

Release Notes for v1.3



  • Added the ability to disable/enable employee account.
  • Introduce card payment option.
  • Introduced order details page.
  • Introduced Localization in Dashboard (*not yet visible for end user , as we have to translate all the messages)

Chrome extension

  • Introduced general error handling.

Bug Fixes Included


  • Fixed a bug with “Infrastructure” page button is shown on two rows.
  • Upon sending signing request on mouseover of Contacts images the popup for Claims information is partially hidden.
  • Fixed a bug with confirmation message after a document is uploaded.
  • Fixes for Profiles page on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug where users are not able to assign a group to a Profile template.
  • Fixed a bug if a group is not assigned to a team member you can’t apply it to a Profile template.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to create a company with Contact’s e-mail or phone number that is already taken, shows error but registers the company.

Chrome extension

  • Fixed a bug where replying to an email with attached files doesn’t insert the vCard.
  • Fixed a bug with Shared Identity profiles where cannot when logged in a Gmail account for that shared identity.
  • Fixed a bug when a Gmail page used to gets stuck on loading the extension.


  • Fixed a bug with uploading an image after sending Outlook email causing service interruption.
  • Fixed a bug with replying to an email.
  • Fixed a bug with validation when the email is send from a shared identity.



  • Deprecated the ability to add a group from the “Infrastructure” page.
  • For Shared Identity “Created On” and “Updated On” show Today,Yesterday without the concise Time.
  • The “Plugins” section has become “Add-Ons”.
  • Added scroller in Search dropdown when sending a document signing request.
  • Added loading animation on the Notifications page.
  • Added Employee creation form.