Vereign Beta for GMail version 1.0.5 Released



  • Timestamp will be included for all E-mails.
  • Added touring wizard.
  • Added Matomo web analytics application.
  • Redesigned the E-mail conversations.
  • Dashboard Privacy Policy and Beta Participation Agreement enhancement.
  • Notification for restore access attempt will be sent to all e-mail addresses and phone numbers listed in the identity.

Vereign Chrome Extension for Gmail

  • Upon removing the extension form the Chrome browser, the page will be refreshed immediately.

Bug Fixes Included


  • Fixed a bug where the dashboard privacy policy on mobile was cropped.
  • Add back button on Verification screens.
  • Trim the identificator field upon registration.
  • Change the texts of the Alerts users receive for attempted restoration of their accounts.
  • Fixed the bug related to mobile view of the Dashboard privacy policy.
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