TOL: Support for did:sidetree

Thinking Out Loud

did:sidetree relies heavily on IPFS, which we are already using a lot, and has the potential to add SSI capabilities to any kind of blockchain / ledger ecosystem with comparatively limited effort.

This makes it strategically valuable beyond its did:ion implementation, for which we also would want did:sidetree support, properly encapsulated, so that we can re-use the implementation with any ledger.

Ledgers that could benefit from proper did:sidetree support would be

  • Corda
  • √¶ternity
  • as well as any other ledger not currently having a native SSI implementation/stack


At first glance it seems did:sidetree should definitely be added to Organizational Credential Manager & Trust Services API. It might also be relevant to the Personal Credential Manager.

And we should understand how to properly encapsulate its implementation so that multiple did: methods like did:ion, did:æ and did:whatever that are all did:sidetree based would be able to re-use the same code paths.


Does this make sense? Is there perhaps a more valuable target we are missing?

Would this perhaps also be of interest for our Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) collaboration and partnership?