Release notes v1.4 & v1.5

Release Notes



  • Introduced “Preference” page, and the “Device” management menu was moved there;
  • Company logo is assigned to the default profiles in case there is no image applied;
  • Visual marker on “Team” page that an employee is disabled;


  • Added the ability to authenticate device using a QR code in the Outlook add-on;



  • Introduced better styling of a QR code used for authenticating devices;
  • Updated the Privacy Policy for;
  • Details Order page and card payment have been re-designed;
  • Re-design of Order list view;
  • Introduced new text font across all platform;

Bug Fixes Included


  • Fixed a bug with not archiving an email for not registered employees;
  • Fixed a bug with validating “Contact number” on “Company->Infrastructure” page;
  • Fixed a bug with Order status where was not moved to Order completed after successful transaction;
  • Fixed a bug where an employee can not manage claim after an Admin edits it;
  • Fixed a bug where employee can not login into Add-on;
  • Fixed a bug with editing the VAT of an organization;
  • Fixed a bug where the Empty Address claim is presented in Friends profile after registration;
  • Fixed a bug with adding a record in “Activity” for user Login/Logout;

Chrome extension

  • Fixed a bug with forwarding a signed email message;
  • Fixed a bug where Gmail page gets stuck while loading the Chrome extension;
  • Fixed a bug with using Shared Identity profiles;


  • Fixed a bug with error popping up after opening the outlook add-on;
  • Fixed a bug with double archiving the content of the first email after replying to the thread;