Input sought: Story board idea for a "how does SEAL work" short explainer video

Dear Vereign Community,

We regularly have people who let us know they would like to know how Vereign SEAL works. Especially in an age of so many products who make promises they cannot keep and with something that looks and feels so “magical” in its operation, that’s easily understood.

So we were thinking to perhaps make a small explainer video that might be added to the web page and shared over social media.

As part of this, I’ve been trying to sketch very roughly my idea.

All done quick and dirty in 30 minutes, just to outline the idea.

Just imagine this animated, with an “IKEA manual” feel to it, with a simple voice over in English (and perhaps 2-3 other languages) plus subtitles that can be translated easily:

Main story board

…and if we also want to add the blockchain verification


So here are my questions to you:

  • Does this help you understand how Vereign SEAL works?
  • Do you think this kind of video would make it easier for others?
  • What is missing, what is perhaps too much?
  • What would you improve?

and, of course:

  • Do you perhaps have a different, much better, idea?

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Lovely idea!
What can I do to help?

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Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

You might start with the questions at the end: :wink:

Yes, it shows the process in understandable way.

Yes, animated video will illustrate it even better.

Nothing is too much, I guess.
For the missing part, I am thinking about some very short background story, perhaps just message, that should be emotional - people react to emotions way more than logic. It could be something funny or something that will trigger a pleasurable thought. And, yeah, if it is related to the blockchain it would be even better. So I will continue with the thinking…