How do I add a mobile device?


You can add a new mobile device to use it with your Vereign email account.

  1. After you log in, locate and click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the Inbox screen desktop browser.

  2. Select the Add a Mobile Device option on your desktop browser and QR code will appear.

  3. Go to your phone and open from mobile browser.

    3.1. Click on the at Authenticate new mobile device.

    3.2 If you’re using iPhone, you will be asked for Camera permissions. Tap Allow.
    Bare in mind, you might be asked that question twice so make sure you tap Allow twice.

    You are present with a screen that holds a QR code.

  4. Scan the QR with the mobile device you want to add.

You are automatically logged in to Vereign with your newly added mobile device.

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