Client support: What's next

Vereign Seal is currently supporting Microsoft 365, Outlook and Gmail via Chrome based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Brave. Microsoft Edge is Chrome based and has its own app store at

This app store does not automatically pick up extensions from the Google Chrome store, but the user can enable the Google Chrome Extension store to install add-ins, including Vereign:

We should explain to our users how to do this, but it is suboptimal to require users to take so many steps in order to install Vereign Seal to Microsoft Edge. We should however do at least occasional tests against this, @QAs .

But it stands to reason that adding Vereign Seal to the Edge Extension store is mostly a matter of policy and business relationship. We should find out how to make this happen.

So, with the caveat above, we have support for

  • Microsoft 365
  • Outlook
  • Gmail in
    • Google Chrome
    • Brave
    • Microsoft Edge

which begs the question: Where are the biggest gaps in our coverage?

Based on Email client usage worldwide, collected from 1.15 billion email opens,

provides a popularity rating of

Rank Client Market Share
#1 Apple iPhone 38%
#2 Gmail 30%
#3 Apple Mail 11%
#4 Outlook 7%
#5 Yahoo! Mail 5%
#6 Google Android 2%
#7 Apple iPad 1%
#8 1%
#9 Samsung Mail 1%
#10 Windows Live Mail 0%

Which means by popularity, the next targets should be:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple Mail

and then

  • Google Android

So it seems the next ecosystem to look at will be that of Apple.


We should research the extension capabilities for Apple iPhone and Apple Mail and what it would take to integrate Vereign Seal into them.

@kalincanov Would you please put this on the list as research for the next month?

I had actually already tested Edge + Vereign seal chrome extension and it was working.

Retested now again to make sure and to get a screenshot.

All we have to explain to users is to Enable the other stores option and go to chrome store to install the extension on their MS Edge.

Left screen is Chrome as Receiver. Right is Edge as Sender.

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