How do I manage my Passports?


The Vereign email allows you to view your three default passports that are automatically generated when you create your identity. These passports are named by their type - Email, Social, and Friends. You can also add and view new passports with predefined claims from your identity.
For more information on passports, refer to What is a Passport.

  1. To access your Vereign Inbox, you have to log in to the Vereign email system.
    a) Navigate to Vereign app URL
    b) Log in to the system in either way:
    ◦ Click Login and scan the QR with a new device, or
    ◦ If you have previously logged in to your email, click your profile icon.
    Note: You can see all the user profiles you have previously used to log in to your Vereign email.

  2. After you log in, click Passports.
    You are present with your default passports. They are listed with their unique ID, creation date and update date. You can also view the number of email interactions that use a specific passport.

  3. To add a new passport, click the + icon in the bottom right of the screen.
    You are present with the following screen:

  4. Enter a name for your new passport and click Submit.
    The created passport is listed under the default ones in the Passports view.

  5. To edit a passport, either click the raw that holds the passport data or the dots.
    You are present with personal data claims you have defined previously in the Identity section. All claims, available for usage, are listed to the right.

  6. To add a claim to your passport, drag from right to left each claim that you want your passport to hold. You can also use the left arrow next to each passport to move it to the left.

  7. To remove a claim from the passport, drag and drop or use the right arrow to move a claim back to the right.

Changes are automatically saved.